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Share with Anyone.CardMagnet lets you share your contact info with anyone - even if they don't have the CardMagnet app.

Built for touch.No more getting papercuts from business cards

Strangely Fun.Play with the interactive card - it's fun to tinker with with even if you don't like meeting new people!


The New Way to Make Plans with Friends

Spontaneously makes it easy to share your plans and invite friends to get together more often. By just spinning a few wheels, you can share your invitation with your favorite people, and they'll receive the invite even if they aren't a Spontaneously user.

Streamlined InterfaceYou can track your habits and view your progress all from one screen thanks to an interface modelled after Apple's Weather and Stock apps

Share with Friends, Not GroupsNot all your friends are necessarily friends with each other — rather than focus on a group interface, you can handpick which friends you want by tapping their faces.

SMS CompatibleSpontaneously lets you make plans the way you already do — via SMS. Rather than asking your friends to adopt a new behavior, Spontaneously comes to them


The Humanized Alarm Clock

Restful is a new interface for something that's a big part of our day — the alarm clock. It makes it easy to adjust the time you wake up, comes with a separate nap timer, and 10 beautiful songs to wake up to.

Easy to setJust spin the giant wheel to change what time the alarm will go off. You can also see how many hours that is from now, to ensure you get a full eight hours.

Nap TimerWant to grab a quick 20 minute nap? Just spin the nap timer to set it at 20 minutes. Need a little more? Just spin it farther.

Tasteful soundsRather than waking up to a horrible buzzing sound, imagine hearing the beautiful notes from Swan Lake or the theme from 2001. It's a much more beautiful way to be awoken


The Curious Question Game

VoteBurst is the strangely addictive survey game for the iPhone! It's simple - After you launch VoteBurst, it'll ask you a simple question. Some questions are funny, some are interesting, some are just plain strange. Want to know how many people prefer Coke over Pepsi? VoteBurst has the answer!

VoteBurst users are scattered all around the world, from London to Bombay. All the answers are pulled live from the web, so you can get a sense of how people feel all around the world.

Have a burning question? You can type it in on your iPhone, send it along to the VoteBurst server and next thing you know, people are voting on it.

See the number of people who have voted on a question, along with the percentages of who voted for what.


Sudoku at your fingertips

TileSudoku combines the famous puzzle game with a new interface that feels just right on the iPhone. It presents the puzzle as a game board covered with tiles which you can move around the screen with your fingertip.

Rich graphics.We focused on creating an immersive graphical experience, full of great animations and sound effects to subtley!

Natural Interface.Playing the game is easy with two options for placing a number - Either drag a number tile where you want, or tap the tiles in the tray.

Helpful features.Not sure which number you want to choose? Just double tap to sketch a number in. Or, turn on hint mode to let you know you've placed the wrong number.


Track Your Habits

Willpower is a new way to track and learn new habits. Just enter the goal you want to achive, choose whether it's a habit you want to learn or to break, and Willpower will help you chart your progress.

Simple InterfaceYou can track your habits and view your progress all from one screen thanks to an interface modelled after Apple's Weather and Stock apps

Quality or QuantityNot everything that can be counted counts, so we've included more human ways of tracking, too — you can track how you feel with emoticons, gold stars, letter grades, or old fashioned numbers.

Optional RemindersChoose a time of day to be reminded about your habits, or to check in your progress


TongueTyers is a brand new way to embarrass your friends and yourself! Think you're cunning? Think you've got a dextrous tongue? Think again! Flip through these classic and contemporary tongue twisters with two animated views. You can try not to laugh, but it won't work.

Fun to say.Fifty crazy tongue twisters to trip you up. Laugh at your thick tongued friends!

Look at those handsome cards.TongueTyers was designed by a REAL LIVE GRAPHIC DESIGNER with a bunch of fonts! They're not just fun to say, they're easy on the eyes.

iPad gets in on the fun.TongueTyers is both an iPhone and an iPad app! The iPad app is like the iPhone app, but GIGANTIC and HIGHER RESOLUTION.


Your Official NYC Subway Guide

CityTransit is a comprehensive guide to traveling through the New York City subway. It includes official maps licensed from NYC's MTA, line data, a GPS-based station finder and live service advisories.

Pinch and Zoom.Our maps are built from high-quality images directly from the MTA. Use the gestures you already know to scroll and zoom, just like in Google Maps. Also, we've got a bus map!

Station Finder.From time to time we all find ourselves on the wrong side of town. Whether you need to get away from Williamsburg hipsters or women in fur coats, the GPS-based station finder will help get you out of there in a jiffy.

Service Advisories.Now you won't have to stay home on the weekends! Live service advisories, straight from the MTA's website, give you the latest scoop on which trains are running, which ones aren't and which ones only make stops in the Bronx.

Benjamin Button

Enjoy the classic text

Like the Great Gatsby? You'll love this strange short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, about the life of Benjamin Button, a man born old who gets younger every day. Now a major motion picture by Paramount Pictures

Professionally Typeset.Enjoy Jonathan McNicol's acclaimed digital edition of the classic text. Each page is laid out by hand with great attention to detail.

Designed for Touch.The full screen reading experience was designed to react fluidly to your touch - emulating the tactile experience of a real book.

Bonus Content.Along with Benjamin Button, we've included a short biography of Fitzgerald and a second full short story - The Tarquin of Cheapside.


A new way to see the world

The Pixelated Camera.PixelCam feels like a normal iPhone camera, but with exotic filters. See the world in giant pixels, outlines or black and white

Built for touch.Drag your finger around the screen to change the pixel size or try different effects

Share to Anywhere.Are you an Instagram fiend? PixelCam makes it easy to export to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your camera roll


The Animated Way to Explore Twitter

TweetMagnet is a crazy new way to browse your Twitter timeline! In this new era of Giant Shiny iPhones, why should your information look like it's being displayed in 1995? Read your tweets like a man from the future, and scroll through a giant deck of tweets as they come in! Try it, it's nice.

The animated way to get tweets into your brain.TweetMagnet's slick card based interface is just plain fun to use. It's like no other twitter app you've ever seen, and you won't want to stop sliding around!

AutoPlay.TweetMagnet has a unique autoplay mode that lets you view your tweets like a screensaver! Put your phone in its dock and let it lull you into an twitter induced stupor.

Big and Small.When you buy TweetMagnet, you get both the adorable iPhone version and the giant honking iPad version! In these tough economic times, you can't afford NOT to get it.

Return to Atlantis

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Choose Your Own Adventure books put you in control of the story - at the end of each page, you're presented with a choice. What will you decide? Your fate is in your hands. Now you can rediscover the classic series on your iPhone.

New Platform, Classic Content.Return to Atlantis contains all the original text and illustrations from the book...every page is filled with memories!

You Choose Your Fate.With 18 unique endings, there's always a new path to try!

Bonus Story.We've also included Journey Under the Sea, another classic Choose Your Own Adventure book.


The Word-Guessing Party Game

SnapWords is a word guessing party game that you can play with your friends. Find two or more players, split into teams and let the fun begin. SnapWords will show you a word, your goal is to get your teammates to say it out loud. The only catch - you can't say the word itself. When they guess the word right, press the "Got it" button. SnapWords keeps track of the score, whoever gets to 50 first wins!

Multiplayer Fun.Play as many rounds as you'd like with as many players as you'd like. SnapWords scales up or down!

Unlimited Replay.SnapWords has a dictionary of over 5,000 handpicked words, so you'll never have to repeat yourself!

Audio experience.Complete with animations and soundeffects, SnapWords is fun for every player, even the ones who aren't looking at the screen.


Unscramble the Puzzles

Spintoons is a game where you unscramble cartoon puzzles by dragging your fingers. It's perfect for kids or just a bit of mindless fun!

Fifty puzzles included.Lots of adorable and strange imagery, designed to make solving the puzzles that much more fun!

Tap or drag.The simple interface has almost no learning curve, just tap on pieces, or drag to spin them faster

Great Art.TwistPics includes over 65 cartoon characters for you to unpuzzle! The favorite illustrations of artists Rachel Maguire and Dave Schlafman are featured throughout the app.


Put Files in Your Pocket

FileMagnet makes it easy to copy files from your computer to your iPhone and iPod Touch. It's compatible with all the popular file formats so you can read all your favorite documents on the go.

Many ways to copy files.Whether you want to transfer wirelessly with FileMagnet Uploader, copy via iTunes file sharing, or save your e-mail attachments, FileMagnet makes it easy to take your files with you.

Introducing Tilt Scrolling.Use FileMagnet to read long documents? Now you can scroll without lifting a finger. Tilt Scrolling senses the angle of your phone- to scroll down, just tilt your phone back a bit. It's effortless!

Secure Your Files.FileMagnet now includes a passcode lock! Enable it to keep your files away from your prying fans.


Send Amazing Messages

TwistPics is a new way to send messages to your friends. Rather than just sending plain text, combine words and images to add more emotion to your message

Send to anyone.TwistPics work over normal text messaging and iMessage, so even if your friends don't use it, they'll still get the message. Soon they'll be asking you 'How'd you do that?'!

All kinds of images.Comes with a set of images ready to use, or download new image packs for different occasions — cute, weird, funny and more.

Camera integration.Take a photo and add text in just a three taps, then send it along faster than you can with your iPhone's built in messaging.